The soiled and shy street dog changed instantly after she had her hair cut. And this is what helped her to find owners

Once in remote areas of the city of Kursk, near the forest zone, a street dog began to wander. It was noticeable that the dog was acting fussy, lost and confused, he rushed about and did not know what to do with himself.

It was obvious that the baby had simply been thrown here. She was named Squirrel. And so Squirrel from a home, well-groomed dog became another abandoned poor thing. The inhabitants of this area loved the dog and brought her food, but no one was going to take him home.

However, the relationship with other stray dogs in the area did not work out for Belochka. She was not accepted into the pack, and also often attacked her, and the little Squirrel with a quiet disposition could not give a worthy rebuff.

Therefore, the dog nailed to the plant, where there was an old, rusted car and so it lived under it. The once white fur was blackened by engine oil and was covered in messy mats.

She herself took on a very dirty and unkempt look. People made attempts to help the baby and free the wool from fuel oil, but it was not easy.

Then they turned to the volunteers, who thoroughly washed Belochka, and then took them to a hairdresser for dogs, who cut off the fur shortly, since the traces of fuel oil could not be completely cut off.

The haircut transformed her incredibly. The dog has become stylish and well-groomed, with a beautiful light coat. It was impossible to remain indifferent to such a pretty, sweet dog, and very soon Belochka got her own house, where she lives peacefully with a well-fed cat Vaska.

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