The resin-covered goat looked like a statue

The little goat fell into a puddle of tar and looked like a statue. Luckily, good people came to its rescue in good time.

Animal Aid Unlimited in Rajasthan, India, recently rescued a baby goat. The poor thing had fallen into a puddle of production tar, but people spotted it just in time and called in a rescue team. The large amount of caked tar made it almost impossible for the goat to move, and when the volunteers brought it to the centre, they immediately set about recovering the little one.

For three days they gave the goat a bath in oil and special shampoo, gradually removing the sticky resin from its coat and skin. The goat was very patient and took it easy – it knew it was being helped. The volunteers gave it  nickname Suri.

After three days of baths, Suri was radically transformed. Its coat is tar-free, and the goat is obviously more cheerful and active. Suri was very grateful to the volunteers for helping it – and they really care about it.

Now Suri continues to live at the rescue centre, and enjoys every day. The goat is well cared for and the staff are caring for it sensitively. Later they will find owners for it. Thanks to the kind people for rescuing this beauty!

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