The puppy uses the shoe as cover, but then the kind person makes it feel safe again

Sometimes a small gesture could be life-changing for a tiny creature that found itself in the most desperate need of help. This little puppy’s days were nothing but extremely tough, but his luck changed when a kindhearted man came across him.

Even though this heartbreaking story eventually turns into a happy ending, thanks to a hero, sadly there are countless stories like this, with little animals dumped on the side of the roads, just like they are useless things. Maybe it is time for humanity to understand that all beings have feelings and they all deserve love and shelter!
Fortunately, people like Goran Marinkovic still care for the world we live in and especially for those creatures who simply cannot fend for themselves, like stray animals. One day he was wandering the roads of Serbia in search of animals in need, he came across a sight that left him heartbroken. A tiny puppy that found shelter in a shoe was sitting there, extremely hungry and surrounded only by trash.
Since there was no sign of his mother or other dogs, Goran realized the innocent creature was abandoned there. So he stepped up, rescued him, and changed his life forever!
“I save animals that are endangered, that live on the street,” the kind man told in an interview for Bored Panda. “I take care of animals because I love them, I love animals equally everything, cats, dogs, others.”
Goran initially fed the poor puppy – whose condition looked pretty worse – and gave him water, then they visited a vet. After receiving medical treatment, the cute little thing found his way to Goran’s home, which eventually became his forever home as the man that saved him decided to adopt him.
Here, the puppy named Smesten didn’t get only food and the proper care, but also the love and comfort, he was always seeking. Now, a few months after he was found abandoned, Smesten looks so different!
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