The owners abandoned the disabled dog and left a note with it

Having a disabled pet is not easy, so they are often abandoned by their owners. Lunita was a beautiful little dog, but unfortunately she was disabled and thrown out on the street of Salta, Argentina. Fortunately, Lunita was seen by one of the dog care workers and the girl felt sorry for her, so the kind person called the rescue organization.

Soon two volunteers rushed to her to check Lunita’s condition and pick her up. She was found lying face down on the sidewalk and tied to a railing near a dog grooming salon. Her hind legs were attached to a dilapidated wheelchair. Next to her was a bag of diapers and a note with her name, age and explanation.

The previous owners said they couldn’t keep her and didn’t even leave her any food or water. She was brought to a shelter, and then placed in a foster family. Volunteers posted her information on Facebook in the hope of finding a family for her.

Finally, a family from the USA contacted the organization and offered Lunita a home forever. Unfortunately, in Lunita’s new home, not everything went well. The family did not know how to properly care for a disabled dog, and eventually began to neglect her, which led to the fact that Lunita developed a very serious illness. It took serious efforts and medical assistance to help her cure all her ailments. After that, another American family intervened and gave Lunita a house. Along with her new family and good health, she has become one of the happiest dogs we have ever seen.

She could play with her canine brother and sister, run in a specially made wheelchair, visit parks, play snowballs and even have fun at birthday parties. Unfortunately, just a month after that, she fell ill and left the world surrounded by her loved ones. The main thing is that Lunita spent her last days surrounded by love and care.

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