The owner abandoned the dog and it dug for itself a hole to stay in forever.

The owner had abandoned the dog and it had dug a hole for itself in which it would stay forever.


Near one of the rubbish bins, they often noticed a small dog. The animal was dirty and it was immediately clear that it was alone and that its owners had thrown it out into the street. The dog was shy, running up to the bin for a few seconds and then grabbing some food, immediately running away.

The size of the dog was no bigger than an adult cat. Such dogs are often kept in a flat, but this dog lived in a small burrow that it had dug for itself. It is likely that the animal had decided that this was where it would spend its last days. Dogs, like humans, can lose hope and faith in a happy future.

The girl who helped the dog says that its makeshift home was like a death trap. When she found a newcomer in her neighbourhood, she realised that there was nowhere to take a dog from the street. All the free shelters had long since been overcrowded. Almost every volunteer had already adopted a few animals from home, for whom a new home had yet to be found.

Her conscience told her that everything should be left as it was, but her heart urged her to find the poor animal and help it. The girl managed to find the dog in a rubbish bin, but the animal was afraid of people and would not contact the girl, probably because it had already been abused. For a few days, the girl fed the dog, who grew to trust her.

On picking the animal up, the volunteer noticed that it was too thin, obviously the dog had been starving for a long time and without help its days on the streets were numbered.
The animal’s fur was long and had become dirty, tangled and smelly during its life on the streets. The filthy fur made it impossible to tell the sex of the dog.

At the clinic, the examination began with a wash and a haircut, as a tangled fur is not just uncomfortable, but a real pain for the animal.

Once the animal’s fur was tidied, it became clear that it was a boy of around five years of age. It also became clear that the dog was in need of serious treatment.

The baby was given the name Klepa. The first thing the vet did was to remove 12 of its teeth as they were rotting and preventing it from eating properly. The dog was also castrated and had a series of shots for skin allergies. The volunteer and the dog left the clinic with a list of medications and recommendations for further medical treatment.

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