The one-eyed cat became a guide for its blind brother

These red-haired brothers have been through a lot in their lives: they were born with a rare eye pathology, and the two of them ended up on the street. After an unexpected rescue and a series of difficult operations, one of the kittens has gone blind and the other only sees with one eye. In spite of everything, the two are inseparable!

These special kittens were spotted as babies in her backyard by a woman in Sydney, Australia. She started feeding the kittens and saw that they had eye problems.

After being examined by the vets, it turned out that the kittens were born with deformed eyelids, with their eyelashes growing inwards and sticking into their pupils. The kittens were named Isaac and Stevie.

The kittens underwent a series of surgeries, as a result of which Stevie, unfortunately, went blind, and Isaac can only see out of one eye.
The brothers have been inseparable all this time, and Isaac has become a real guide for its blind brother.

The volunteers had no hope of finding a family for the brothers quickly, but unexpectedly a young family decided to take them in. In their new home they were given new names – Mogwai and Buddha.
One eye for two: blind Mogwai always relies on its brother. If it needs help or gets lost, it always calls out for Buddha, who runs to the rescue!

Twins spend most of their time playing with their parents or lounging in their cot.

It’s been more than a year since the ginger brothers were rescued. According to their new owners, there really is a special bond between these cats that is rarely seen in the animal world!

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