The old cat couldn’t restrain its instincts when it heard the kittens squeak

An old cat has spent most of its life on the streets, but one day it ended up in kind hands. Who knew how much love and affection this old gentleman had!

An elderly cat named Forest spent most of his life on the street. Once he was picked up and rescued from the corners of Philadelphia, he was in good hands. Unfortunately, one of Forest’s hind legs was in a bad state, and the vets removed it. But despite this, the three-legged cat did not stop enjoying life.

After his recovery, he was moved to a cat cafe, an establishment where the staff cared for several cats with whom visitors could interact. All the guests and staff immediately fell in love with Forest. One day, Erica, a local resident who works as a vet and volunteer at an animal shelter, came into the cafe.

Erica also fell in love with the charming old man. In addition, Forrest reminded her very much of her cat, who had recently passed away. Then the woman felt she had to take Forest with her. She followed her heart’s voice, and that day she took the cat with her!

So Forrest has a home and also an important mission. As well as working as a vet, Erica takes on temporary care of small kittens to look after them. One day the elderly Forrest heard a tiny squeak from the room where the kittens were – he went to the door and started “talking” to the kittens, as if trying to calm them down.

Since then, the elderly Forrest has suddenly become the kittens’ nurse and its owner’s main helper. The kittens instantly fell in love with this ‘kind giant’ and began to spend all their time with him – they knew it was safe to be near him.

Forrest is a quiet gentleman, he is not particularly active and prefers to lie down and cuddle. So the kittens always surround him, sleep next to him, and he gives them his care and protects them. Such a charming old fellow:

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