The massive lion startles the photographer with a terrifying roar and then smiles at him

As an animal lover, I can’t think of a better job than a wildlife photographer. They always have a chance to meet Mother Nature and her majestic creatures in a unique way!

Gren Sauerby is one of the lucky ones. A 69-year-old photographer from Great Britain dedicated the last four decades of his life to his passion of wildlife photography. Gren admits he’s got the perfect job, and every moment he’s spent with wild animals is always a pleasure. Yet last month, while in Masai Mara, Kenya, he experienced « the shock of his life ».

An experienced photographer was on safari when he spotted a majestic lion about 40 to 50 feet away. Naturally, he prepared for a few beautiful shots with the king of the jungle. Only the king decided to prank Gran.

“I lent in to take a photo when he let out a huge roar — I got the shock of my life,” Sowerby told to the South West News Service. “He roared to say: ‘I’m the King of the Jungle’ and then I couldn’t believe it when he smiled at me like when someone winks at you to say like: ‘Haha!’”

“I was really happy with the photos, I only looked at them properly when I got home. I regularly go on these safaris and really enjoy photographing wildlife. They have grown up around the safari so they’re used to cars and tourists,” Gren Sowerby says. “The King of the Jungle is always something you’ve got to capture and I’m so pleased I got the shot.”

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