The majestic dog got into a shelter for homeless animals and was homesick

A large majestic dog of the Cane Corso breed got into a shelter for homeless animals. He lived in a family where there was a small child. But due to difficult family circumstances, the owners decided to part with the dog and handed over a thoroughbred dog named Gilmore to a shelter.

But who wants to live in captivity? So Gilmore languished in the aviary. There was clearly a lot of sadness on his face. The dog is not used to living locked up. And even without the beloved owners, their care and affection.

This male is young. He’s only two years old. He has excellent health. He has never lived without people before. And I was often forced to stay alone in the shelter. He treated the dogs with coolness to the sociable neighbors. He avoided all cats, was completely indifferent to them.

The new owners for this brave, strong dog were searched for in the shelter with special diligence. Many of those who come for dogs would like to take home this prestigious cane Corso. But the breed of dog requires difficult care. And not everyone can cope with such a strong and heavy dog.

But what just does not happen in the world! Surprisingly, the most ideal owner for Gilmore turned out to be the fragile, sweet Christina.

Kristina immediately took her Gilmore to a dog handler’s class. He taught the girl and the dog how to better understand each other.

As a result, the dog now, for example, does not pull the leash wherever he wants. He listens perfectly to his owner. He even recognized the cat who lives at home with the girl as a full member of the family.

A dog and a girl have a lot in common. Both love long walks. They enjoy playing with children and other dogs.

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