The little puppy pulled off the denture, and what he did then will make everyone fall out laughing

Maggie the dog is incredibly hilarious and funny. She is a cross between a Bichon and a lapdog and lives in New York. And then one day, after another of her antics, she became a celebrity throughout the global network. Skodit Maggie constantly, but this time she surpassed herself.

Note that the current owners took her from the orphanage, where she was brought along with her mother, brothers and sisters by the former owners. The hostess even opened a special Twitter page in her name, where she uploads pictures and talks about her next pranks.

For example, somehow Maggie felt the urge to fall asleep on the curtain and for this she took down the entire cornice and fell fast asleep, as if nothing had happened. But one day, grandfather decided to sleep a little during the day, he lay down and left his denture next to him.

When I woke up, I saw what I least expected։ The false jaw was gone, and next to him sat a toothy monster and showed him an ominous grin. How Maggie came up with the idea and was able to place this jaw on her own teeth is known only to her, but the dog looked hilarious.

The hostess could not help filming her pet in such a funny way and published the footage on a social network, and they very quickly scattered around the world and made the dog a real celebrity.

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