The little monkey was kept like a pet in a birdcage

Sometimes wild animals end up where they shouldn’t be, at the whim of humans. This tiny monkey was kept as a pet in a birdcage. Animal rescuers were horrified by this, as it was still very young to be separated from its mother…

The RSPCA animal rescue service in Essex, England, recently received a call. Someone reported a small monkey that had been kept as a pet for some time. But the staff were shocked by what they saw when they arrived – the baby monkey was just a baby. It was sitting sadly alone in a birdcage…

The saddest fact is that the monkey was taken away from its parents at such an early age. They have taken it very hard. In addition, the baby was in a small cage where it was not properly cared for – after all, monkeys can’t be kept as pets in principle. They are social, intelligent creatures who are not suited to it.

Fortunately, TikTok was rescued in time. The Monkey World monkey rescue center later took it back, where it was comfortably housed and cared for on a daily basis. The baby was placed in a spacious aviary with trees and plants.

Later, Tiktok was placed with a family of monkeys, who happily took it in. It even got a new mom and dad (pictured) – there was a strong bond between them at once. Now the three of them live happily together, and the parents are caring for their little baby.

This case once again confirms that wild animals cannot be kept as pets. Recently such cases have increased, but it is necessary to understand that some animals need special conditions and socialization, which they will receive only in the wild. Take care of our little brothers!

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