The little kitten was thrown into the water, but the little one managed to escape by climbing on a stone and desperately begged for help

For a girl, it was an ordinary day when she went to work in the morning. On this day, the street was especially deserted and she drew attention to the car, which turned in the direction of the river.

Then she saw that the man behind the wheel got out, threw the box into the river and drove back. The girl immediately remembered the terrible way she knew about drowning kittens in the village.

She, without thinking twice, called the rescuers, and while she was waiting for them, she herself began to study the river bank, but the cat was nowhere and only at the last moment a plaintive squeak was heard.

They noticed a tiny cat, which was soaked through and through and climbed onto a rock, trying to escape. It was not possible to save other kittens, but this baby turned out to be tenacious.

The poor thing was very scared and they took him out and warmed him up, and then they took him to the veterinary clinic. Fortunately, the kitty turned out to be very healthy. The girl gave her a funny nickname Peach.

She realized that during the treatment she managed to become attached to this baby, who miraculously managed to survive and did not give her to someone else, especially since she would not leave the baby in the orphanage so that she would not have to experience stress again.

Thus, a lucky chance saved the life of the animal, which the cruel owner decided to get rid of.

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