The kitten was taken to a shelter, but she whined and did not calm down, because the kittens were waiting for her

A kitty named Toodles was destined to be born on the street, and for a long time she has warmed herself a place under the wheels of an abandoned camper. She lived there for two years, but then she had a fight with a yard dog, suffered greatly and the local residents took her to a shelter.

But the cat was very restless. She fussed and meowed constantly. And only then did the staff of the shelter find out that she was a nursing mother and a group of volunteers went to look for her cubs.

Under that house, they found five cubs and mommy with a joyful muzzle began to feed and lick them. But she was still restless and seemed to be looking for someone, not ceasing to meow.

The volunteers went there again and saw a tiny cub that hid in a shallow hole and only after getting all her kittens did the caring mother calm down.

The kids, to the great joy of the shelter employees, turned out to be completely healthy and five of them were easily distributed to caring owners, but the last loss, to which Toadles was very attached, was given to one house so as not to separate them.

As you can see, the maternal instinct is one of the strongest manifestations in all living beings, and in animals it is manifested more strongly and we, humans, can take an example from our four-legged friends and learn from them selflessness.

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