The hungry puppy whimpered pitifully for people to notice it

The man heard a thin squeak in the street, and as he approached, he saw a small puppy. He said it was ‘the size of a mouse’ and was whimpering, trying to attract attention.

A man in Lonavala, India, heard a little squeak in the street. He went to see where the sound was coming from and saw a small black and white puppy. The lone cub was squeaking and whimpering in desperation to be noticed.

“I heard someone squeaking outside and when I went outside I saw this mouse-sized puppy next to our house. I was very touched by it and immediately wrapped it up in my jumper,” says the man.

Later it turned out that the puppy was a girl. The man rescued her and brought her home, where the family gave her the name Yuki and took care of her. Even though she had been living on the streets, she was not afraid of people and she trusted them. She was happy and very grateful for the rescue.

After a few days, the man’s family handed Yuki over to a local shelter, and then a temporary care place was found for her. She now lives with caring guardians, loves being in the company of people, and plays with adult dogs. When she grows up, they will find permanent owners for her!

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