The grateful owl hugged its savior

Gigi, a female Virginia owl, came to the veterinarians of the Wild at Heart Rescue organization in Mississippi with a severe traumatic brain injury. The bird hit by the car was already near death. But Douglas Poe Jackie, who has long been nicknamed the “charmer of birds of prey”, took up the care and treatment. To everyone’s surprise, the man managed to bring the owl back to life.

When Gigi recovered, Douglas went to see his family in Michigan for a while

As soon as the vet returned, the owl not only danced with joy but also hugged its savior

According to Missy Dubuisson, founder of Wild at Heart Rescue, the birds trust Douglas

An amazing connection is established between them.

Missy has been working with birds of prey for many years, but she has not yet met such a specialist as Podzheki

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