The girl found a box on the doorstep with a small animal shivering in it

One morning a resident of Sri Lanka found a box on her doorstep with a little boar crawling in it. She was used to seeing wild animals in her neighborhood, but when she saw this baby, she could not remain indifferent.

A resident of Sri Lanka named Dora Wei is used to seeing wild animals everywhere. But one day, when she saw a box on her doorstep with a small animal in it, she was shocked. It turned out that this baby was found and brought by her gardener.

It turned out to be a small female boar, crawling restlessly in a box on tiny legs. “My gardener found it early this morning outside the house. It was only a few hours old. Apparently, it had lost its mother, or it had left it, and it had nowhere to go,” Dora said.

The girl knew that without a mother, the baby would not survive in the wild. She decided to take it in and take care of it. She and her boyfriend researched information about how to care for boars and consulted with veterinarians. Doctors gave the crumb little chance, but the couple did everything for its health.

Dora and her lover took turns feeding the boar every hour, caring for it, and bathing it in love. The baby was given the nickname Yezhu, and later it even became friends with the couple’s four dogs.

Little Ezhu was growing up, getting stronger and more active. It spent every day near the dogs, and according to its owner, Yezhu now considers itself not a boar, but a dog. It eats with them, sleeps, and plays with them.

The girl and her boyfriend built a small kennel in the garden for Yezhu, and now it’s happy and very grateful to its owners! Many thanks to the kind couple for saving the little one’s life from disaster one day.

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