The fragile kitten was squeaking with fear, and was looking for its sister

A weak, tiny kitten was picked up on the street all alone. The animal was in a terrible state and could not see anything because of the illness. Some time after, it was found, people saw another kitten in the same place…


Residents of North Carolina, USA, found a tiny kitten on the street. The weak and fragile baby was completely covered with fleas and was in great need of care. Fortunately, on his way, he met caring people, and they picked him up.

Among other things, the kitten’s eyes were stuck together due to infection, and he could not see anything. The kitten was taken to the Murphy’s Law Rescue Center, where he was immediately taken care of – his eyes were cured, and his health was restored.

After a week of care, the kitten named Mip changed and became much more active. At this time, the kitten’s guardian, Sarah, found out about another kitten – a tiny cat was also brought from the street, and she was also in a terrible state.

The baby, nicknamed Molly, also quickly recovered and began the path to recovery. Later, the guardian decided to put the two together.

When the kittens met, they seemed to recognize each other. Later, the guardian realized that they really could be brother and sister – they were the same age, and they were found in the same place, but at different times.

The kittens were inseparable from the first day. Molly became more attached to her brother – she took care of him, followed him everywhere, and was always there. Then little Mip fell in love with his little sister.

When the kittens have grown up, it’s time to look for their owners. Mip and Molly became so close during this time that the guardian could not give them away separately. At the same time, a family was found ready to take the brother and sister together! So the kids found a home.

Now the kittens live with loving owners and enjoy every day, and most importantly – they are together! Thanks to the kind people who once saved them.

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