The faithful dog passed away a few hours after his owner left

For the umpteenth time we are convinced that dogs are the most faithful animals. They are sometimes better than many people. Even in the most difficult moments, they do not leave their owners and are there until the last. Today we will talk about an 11-year-old dog, whose name was Gunner. He was a very loyal dog.

He loved his owner Daniel Howe very much and was always with him. They loved to go hunting together and spend time together. For many years the dog lived with him and became his best friend. And one day a man was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At that time, Ganner was always with him and never left his side.

He approached the sick owner, who hugged him, and they lay like that all day. Heather, who is Daniel’s daughter, said that the dog was very caring. And the most amazing thing was that the dog also got sick after a while. Even though it was very surprising, their family was not surprised. According to them, they were always in sync in everything.

Every day, both Daniel and the dog felt worse. The dog could not move, his paws were very swollen. And Daniel knew he didn’t have much left. A few days later, he passed away. Genner felt very bad that day. Incredibly, he also left this world on the same day, moreover, an hour and a half after the owner left.

They were the best friends in life, and they could not be separated. Now, in the other world, they will be together again. Amazing, isn’t it?

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