The exhausted dog was unable to stand on its feet when it was spotted

All animals deserve love. Especially those who have been through a lot. The family spotted this dog in their yard. The poor thing crept in, huddled in a corner, and didn’t move.

Residents of the American city of St Louis discovered this dog in their yard. It had wandered in, huddled in a corner, and would not move. The dog was skinny, dirty, with damaged skin and covered in fleas – it was in dire need of help. The people put the dog in a box and immediately contacted rescuers.

Volunteers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis came to the rescue. They were horrified by the dog’s condition and immediately began to help it. It turned out that the dog could not even stand on its feet due to its weakness and anaemia. After the bath, they put the dog in a cozy enclosure, where it slept on blankets and under drips.

The dog was named Annie. Within a few days of treatment the dog began to look and feel better – its skin had healed and it had the strength to move on. However, the dog was still kept in a special oxygen chamber to keep its lungs healthy.

As time passed, Annie grew stronger and its health recovered. it was moved to an enclosure where it could go outside and play with other dogs. “Finally, Annie got to know real dog life. Annie has made friends and it loves to play with them,” says a volunteer at the shelter.

Annie is now in the temporary care of a volunteer and is doing well. The staff at the shelter are proud of this dog – despite the challenges, this courageous dog has come a long way. They are already looking for permanent owners for the dog. Be happy, Annie!

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