The dramatic story of the rescue of Gizelle the cat and her kitten Pruno

In spring, everything comes alive and a new life begins, but not all of it comes easily and safely into the world. The Canadian city of Montreal successfully celebrated the completion of the most difficult stage in the rescue of a young feline, Gizelle, for whom the first labor turned into the such drama that not every writer of women’s novels would have thought of it. And the fault, as it turns out, lies with humans.

Pregnant kitty Gizelle is out on the street at the end of winter because she was just… dumped as rubbish

Gizelle lived peacefully for the first year of her life, but her negligent owners did not take care to spay or neuter her. As a consequence, she became pregnant, and when this was discovered, Gizelle was literally thrown out into the snow in a 10-degree frost. No one wants her and let it be over quickly. The cat was incredibly lucky that a neighbor’s girl saw her and took her to an acquaintance who works at a shelter. Gizelle ended up in caring hands, but the new problems have already rolled like a lump down the mountain.

This is Pruno, Gizelle’s newborn kitten

Pruno was the first and became Gizelle’s only kitten. While the vets were adoring the perky baby, the second was born dead. And so was the third. The labor stopped, Gizelle became apathetic, stopped eating and, even worse, completely ignored Pruno, who needed a mother’s care.

While some volunteers took turns feeding and warming the kitten, others wondered what was wrong with Gizelle. X-rays showed that the cat had two unborn kittens in her womb, causing her to develop an infection and poisoning. Emergency surgery! Only twenty-four hours later Gizelle was able to regain her strength and eat a little. Pruno, the baby, has already been separated from his mother for three days.

The red waistcoat is a forced measure. Gizelle cannot feed Pruno milk, it has become toxic.

A human could not replace the kitten’s mother, but Gizelle is given strong medicine to suppress the infection, which makes her milk lethal for the kitten. It was decided that people would feed Pruno, but that Gizelle herself would be able to keep him warm and look after him.

The cat was incredibly excited to meet the kitten!

Stock up on tissues — the video is very touching

Pruno has since doubled his weight and has already opened his eyes. Gizelle is also on the mend. She will definitely be spayed to make sure such stories never happen again.

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