The dog went bald due to severe allergies – and became completely unsightly to people

The dog lost all its fur because of severe allergies, which made it look unattractive to people.


Looks can be deceiving. Even in animals. So, no one takes a not pretty dog from the shelter for more than 400 days.

Jay was sent to a shelter when the former owners could no longer take care of him. That was in 2021. The staff accepted the cute and funny little dog, immediately falling in love with his restless nature.

However, no one liked Jay’s appearance. He has already been living for more than 400 days in the shelter. The fact is that the dog suffered from a severe allergy, which caused him to go bald.

A charming 9-year-old dog needs special care. He needs to follow a diet, take medications. And also avoid carpets and walks outside the same territory, so as not to catch ticks as well.

The shelter staff understands that such a cute dog deserves love and a good attitude, as well as a comfortable home.

We hope the boy will find a home!

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