The dog was found after 2 months of being swept away by a tornado.

Eric and Faith Johnson from Tennessee did not expect to face not only a pandemic but also a severe weather event in early March. A massive tornado swept across their home state, leaving many Americans homeless.

The Johnsons themselves were helped to escape by their dog. Bella, an Australian shepherd dog, managed to get their owners’ attention just minutes before the tornado hit their house. The couple hid in the bathroom, but it didn’t help much as their house was almost destroyed to the ground.

The worst part was that Bella was carried away by the wind. The Johnsons no longer hoped they would ever see their pet again. But they searched hard for Bella, taking two months to put up notices and canvass the neighborhood. Faith and Eric even left bits and pieces of their belongings outside so Bella could find her way home by smell.

Only 54 days after her disappearance was there an advance. A family acquaintance called Sarah Romain contacted the Johnsons and reported the happy news: Bella has been found and is alive.

The dog was spotted eight kilometers from home. She kept away from people and was very frightened. Stressed and hungry, Bella didn’t even recognize Eric at first. He had to catch the dog in one of the local cul-de-sacs. The Johnson’s pet has now made a full recovery.

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