The dog was digging in the rubbish bin, only it didn’t get food or rubbish from it, but a puppy

Almost everyone has seen dogs digging in the rubbish bin. Most of the time, stray animals look there for food. That is exactly what the boy thought of when he looked out from the balcony and saw a neighbour’s dog digging in the rubbish bin. Nothing about the sight alarmed the young man.

The dog took a long time to find something, and when it did, it was clear that it was not hungry at all and had not done all this work for a bone. He looked more closely and realized that the dog was carrying a small black puppy in its teeth.

It was immediately clear how the puppy ended up among the rubbish. A neighbour’s dog had brought the puppies, but its owners would not leave them with their mum and threw them straight into the bin. The dog sensed that its baby was near, so it made every effort to find and save it. The boy, who was watching the scene from the balcony, called the animal welfare workers.

Volunteers decided that the puppy would be better off at the shelter, but its mother wouldn’t let people near it. When they realised there was no way to separate the family, the volunteers decided to take the mother with them as well.

The puppy was still a baby, it had not even had time to open its eyes. The puppy needed its mother’s milk, but due to excitement and fear, the dog had lost it. They found a nurse for the baby, a dog, who fed it with milk. The puppy is still in the care of volunteers, but as soon as the puppy becomes stronger and more independent, they will start looking for a family for it.

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