The dog was afraid of everyone but this little boy: A touching story of true friendship

An English Pointer named Nora has experienced a lot of pain in its life. The dog was taken away from its owners for being cruel. Nora behaved very delicately at the shelter, but was very afraid of people and unfamiliar objects. It would sit in a corner and look around fearfully.

Elizabeth Spence from Canada saw this beautiful dog with sad eyes and wanted to give it a home and warmth. In its new home, the dog has slowly begun to regain its confidence. It is still afraid of people and new objects, but it has found its most faithful friend.

Little Archie became the meaning of Nora’s life, its light and the only person it was never afraid of. From the first moment Nora and Archie met, everyone noticed the bond between them. Now Elizabeth publishes these sweet pictures that will melt even the coldest heart.

The Spence family took in three dogs and three cats from the shelter. But Archie is most attached to Nora, and so is Nora to him. Elizabeth decided to show people how loving and grateful shelter animals can be. Despite everything Nora has been through, it has remained gentle and loyal.

“Many people hesitate to adopt such an animal, but my experience is that rescued dogs can be the most gentle and loving, they deserve a chance at a better life,” says Elizabeth.

Of course, the mother does not let her baby out of her sight when the dog lies down next to him. But the dog behaves very gently with the baby.


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