The dog had grown so much hair you couldn’t see it. The hairdresser fixed it

This story happened in Australia. One of the volunteers suddenly got a very strange dog. Its appearance was very surprising to others.

The dog was so neglected that it only vaguely resembled a dog. The animal looked more like an old blanket. But once the caring hands of animal caretakers had worked on it, the dog was transformed beyond recognition.

The interesting thing is that the dog had an owner. However, he did not care much for his pet. The dog, called Tilo, had been in the house for seven years.
The dog watched what was going on outside through the door and was bored out of its mind. The owner had not even given the animal a haircut in all that time.
Why would a man do this to his little brother? It is a mystery to both the volunteers and the dog itself.
Soon, the owner got so bored with the dog that he decided to put it to sleep. Fortunately, the animal ended up in the good hands of the volunteers.

The dog was not very good at human contact, constantly growling and trying to bite. But the reverent approach and affection did the trick. They had to call in doctors to give the dog a haircut.
They sedated the animal and volunteers were able to take it to an animal hairdresser. They had to cut off as much as twenty centimetres of hair. Tylo’s “coat” was in a terrible state.
It was winter outside at the time. A nice black coat was put on the dog to keep it warm. The dog was then neutered and given the appropriate vaccinations.

At this stage in its life, the dog is learning to trust people again. Volunteers have now started looking for new owners for it.

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