The dog did not like the owners’ daughter-in-law, but he was forced to accept when they were left together for a long period.

When Angela first looked to visit her husband’s parents, the dog named Bob was not particularly happy with the new guest and even bit her hand, and since then, as soon as the girl visited them, Bob was kept on a leash and for many months Bob did not accept Angela and did not miss the opportunity to growl menacingly, noticing her.

However, the day came when the mother-in-law and father-in-law went on vacation, and the girl’s husband went on a business trip, so all the responsibilities for the house fell on Angela’s shoulders, including she had to feed Bob, which worried her, because the dog clearly disliked her.


The day before leaving, she took her pet’s favorite delicacies with her so that he coaxed, but as soon as she came up and poured food and pour a drink, Bob grinned viciously and growled and she had to move the food and water with a stick, and Bob deliberately turned them over and refused to eat and drink.


All night Angela did not sleep and worried about the dog, which remained hungry. She saved herself with his favorite food and came up, but he bared his teeth again and the girl was frightened.

For two days in a row, Bob behaved in the same way and again refused to eat, however, by the end of the week his growling stopped and he began to eat.

And a few days later, Angela was already hand-feeding him and even took him out for a walk. So the dog got used to the daughter-in-law of its masters and already happily, wagging its tail, met her.

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