The dog could not feed the cubs and all she had to do was ask people for food.

The couple were driving to the village and came across a little dog right on the side of the road. They did not remain indifferent and gave the tramp to eat, but when they approached, they saw that she also had cubs.

At first, the dog was afraid to approach, but then she made sure that they came in peace and led the spouses to one of the large pipes, in which they found five puppies. They fed the hungry mother again and made the decision to take her and her babies home.

On the spot, they immediately bathed both mom and babies. The mother dog was very thin, but generally healthy. It was noticeable that she was on the wasteland relatively recently and in just a few days of good nutrition, warmth and safety, she began to noticeably gain weight.

As soon as the cubs approached and were able to feed themselves, the couple began to think about where to attach them.

Three puppies managed to be attached to friends of the family who lived in the city, and two were taken by the village neighbors. And we express the hope that the dogs will be treated very well and they will never know the hardships of life, and the husband and wife decided to keep their mother-dog, as they managed to become very attached to her and love her.

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