The dirty, skinny kitten was squeaking all over the street to be noticed

The shabby, dirty, and emaciated kitten wandered down the street and looked at passersby with pleading eyes. People who cared couldn’t pass by when they noticed it…

This tiny kitten was spotted on the street in the American city of Philadelphia. Dirty, shabby, and emaciated, the poor thing was all alone, and its mother wasn’t near. People who cared couldn’t pass it by and immediately decided to help it.

They contacted the local Charlie’s Army shelter and they agreed to take the kitten. A little later the kitten was brought to the shelter. The doctors determined that the baby was severely underweight and had stomach problems, but otherwise, everything was fine. Also, the volunteers immediately noticed that the kitten was very sociable.

The kitten was named Tank and they found a temporary home for it. There the kitten was recovering and opening up every day – the baby turned out to be active, playful and extremely sociable. When Tank was old enough and fully recovered, its guardian decided to introduce it to her adult house cats.

The meeting was successful – one of the cats, Sloan, immediately took the baby under its guardianship and became “big brother” to it. They began to communicate a lot, play and spend time together. The two cats became an example for the baby, it learned a lot from them and adopted some of the cat’s habits.

A couple of weeks later they started looking for permanent owners for Tank. They did not have to wait long! Very soon Tank was taken into a family where another adult cat also lives. With this cat, the little one quickly found a common language and became friends, and now they live together as friends, spending a lot of time together and often watching birds from the window.

Thank you for rescuing this baby!

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