The desperate dog did not believe that they had come to rescue it

This shy and modest dog was noticed on the production site. People couldn’t watch this cute creature living alone on the street and asked for help.

Rescuers from the American city of St. Louis recently received a call. Local residents informed them about a dog that was wandering around the production area and asked for help. An employee of the shelter named Donna immediately left to pick up a stray dog.

By the time the woman arrived, the residents managed to get the dog into a fenced area – there it would not be able to escape anywhere, waiting for rescuers. Donna went in there, and all she had to do was move the dog into the car. But it wasn’t easy. The closer she got to the dog, the further away it went.

The dog even barked “warningly” a couple of times, keeping the volunteer away. The woman realized that it was worth trying to gain the dog’s trust first. She started talking to it gently and throwing it sausages. In this way, the dog came closer and realized that it seemed to have no intention of being hurt here…

When the dog approached, it did something the volunteer had never expected. The dog laid its head right on her hands and looked her in the eye as if to say “Thank you!” for everything. After that, the dog was moved to the car. There the dog “melted” even more in the arms of the rescuer on the way to the shelter.

At the shelter, the vets determined that the dog was fortunately healthy. They found a temporary home for the dog almost immediately, where it lives to this day. This little beauty is doing fine – it is learning to trust and is constantly thanking its guardians for rescuing it. We wish the doggie finds a loving permanent home when the time comes!

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