The children picked up a weak puppy on the street, which was barely moving.

A weak, thin puppy with severely damaged skin could barely move – but despite all the difficulties, he wagged his tail when he saw people. This baby was full of love and looked at his saviors with hope.

A few months ago, children in a South African town picked up a stray puppy. They brought him to the local shelter Sidewalk Specials – and when they saw the baby, the employees’ hearts sank. The puppy had a sad appearance, skin and hair problems, and he could hardly move.

The employees even thought that such a weak baby might not survive. But despite all the difficulties, the puppy continued to wag his tail when it saw people. He trusted and seemed to know that they would help him.

One of the employees took the puppy to her for temporary care in order to save him and restore his health. At first, the puppy, nicknamed Lamb, did not even touch food and was constantly in a drooping mood.

The guardian gave him medicine, gave him affection, and did everything so that he would get better soon – and soon this began to help. Lamb cheered up a little and became more active and playful. Then the guardian realized that this boy had a lot of will to live, and he would definitely get out.

And so it happened – soon Lamb’s hair grew back, he began to eat normally, and made friends with other dogs at the temporary care site. He turned out to be a very kind and sweet creature, and also – he was very grateful for the salvation and did not get tired of showing his love to his guardian.

When Lamb recovered, they quickly found owners for him. He grew up and became a real handsome and very active dog. The owners adore him and he loves them with all his heart!

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