The battered dog was afraid to even look in people’s direction

The unneeded, battered dog lay under the car, looking around at people with fear in its eyes. It would not let anyone near it, and would tremble if anyone approached it. There’s no telling how much pain this little dog has endured…

This little dog was spotted sleeping under a car in California. It was in a terrible state – shabby, dirty and scrawny. The dog looked around fearfully, and would not let anyone near itself…

People saw the puppy and decided to contact Deity Animal Rescue to get it rescued. The centre responded immediately, arrived on the spot and caught the little one in a net. It was taken to a shelter for recovery.

The dog, nicknamed Russel, had been living on the streets for a long time. It was clear that the dog was not found to have a tracking chip, so it was clear that no one wanted it. The dog was unsociable and was afraid to let anyone near it, not even taking food out of people’s hands.

The orphanage staff did everything to let Russell know that not all people are cruel and can be trusted. One guardian spent time with Russell, petting it and giving it treats. She tried every way to gain Russell’s trust…

It was only a few days later that Russell wagged its tail for the first time. The dog began to get used to the woman, and was no longer so afraid of everyone around it. Later Russell even started to ask her to pet it, and was able to lie quietly on her lap. The staff at the shelter were delighted with this progress.

Time passed and Russell was recovering. In the meantime, the shelter published its photo and story online, and one day a family was interested in it… They wrote that they wanted to adopt Russell. The staff were happy that this little one would find a home.

This is how Russell got a loving family. The dog has changed into a very different dog – it has become a cheerful, active, courageous boy. Russell is surrounded by love and care, and is enjoying a new life every day.

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