Stray dog unsuccessfully tried to shoplift until he was caught

In the US, it is not only people who become thieves, but animals as well.

Employees at the Dollar General shop in North Carolina began noticing a stray dog in the sales area. It had somehow made its way in and wanted to steal a plush friend, but was unsuccessful.

The girls even tried to catch the animal, but the nimble dog always ran away. The dog never managed to steal the toy it came back for. And every time it came for the purple unicorn!

“The dog ran straight to the unicorn, the same one every time!” – the staff tell us.

One day, the shop workers still managed to catch the thief. They immediately called the animal welfare center. An employee arrived at the place, who was touched to learn the story of a lover of plush toys.

The woman immediately bought the same purple unicorn for the dog, which it had tried to steal five times without success. She took the dog to a shelter, where it was named Sisu. It turned out to be an obedient, affectionate and playful boy. Now or wouldn’t part with its toy. The boy lacked company, so it probably tried to get hold of the plush unicorn.

After the dog arrived at the shelter, a story was shown about it on CNN. The perpetrator turned out to be so cute and in demand that it had already gone home the next day.

We hope the will now be a good boy and not steal any more toys, even though it was this misdemeanour that helped it to find a home!

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