Someone threw the puppies into a well, and a venomous but extremely friendly cobra helped them.

These puppies were only two months old when they found themselves in the well and it was there that they slept side by side with the most dangerous creature – a poisonous cobra two meters long.

When the guys accidentally looked into the well, they saw two puppies there, with this same cobra. This frightened the young people, but the snake did not intend to harm the puppies, who were in a critical situation.

For two days, the snake watched the puppies to avoid dangerous places in the well. Only when people rushed to help, the snake left everything and crawled away. She waited until the rescuers managed to pull the puppies out of the well and only then calmly left.

As we see in this situation, even poisonous snakes are sometimes much kinder than people, for example, those who were able to throw these cuties into the well. Young people who found puppies decided to take them to their home and you don’t need to worry about them anymore, they have found a home and caring and loving owners.

Probably, it was the cobra that played a significant role in saving the puppies. Interestingly, the behavior of even the most fearsome animals is sometimes unexpectedly noble and friendly.

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