Soaked kitten squeaked in the rain, looking for its mother

This 2-week-old kitten was left alone to fend for itself – nobody knew why it was motherless at such an early age. It was soaked in the rain and was waiting for help.

A caring woman in Florida noticed this kitten getting wet in the rain. The poor thing was very small, but its mother or other kittens were not around. The baby was squealing loudly, trying to get attention.

The woman took the kitten into her car, warmed up, and took it to AnimalLuvr’s shelter. The orphanage determined that the kitten was about two weeks old. It was very hungry, and despite its condition, immediately willingly drank milk from the bottle.

After being bathed and fed, the cat calmed down, and only asked for affection and love, and purred loudly. The next day the animal was taken for temporary care. The little kitten was so happy and grateful for all the care it was given.

The guardians fed the cat hourly and cared for it sensitively. After two weeks, this handsome kitten revived, became active, and significantly recovered. The kitten turned out to be very loving – it loudly asked for affection from the guardians after each feeding.

Now, this kitten has grown up and continues to delight everyone around with its small victories. It likes to sleep with its stuffed dog friend and still loves to lie in the hands of its guardians and purr.


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