Rescuers saw from the shore an animal that was desperately trying to hold on to the surface of the water

The rescuers had to look twice when they saw a furry figure paddling desperately with its paws to stay afloat. No one knows how the poor thing got there.

On a recent morning, coastal rescuers in Long Beach, USA, spotted a strange sight through binoculars. It was a cold, overcast day and they suddenly saw a furry creature in the ocean, struggling to keep its head above water. It turned out to be a dog, struggling to stay afloat and paddling desperately with its paws.

Two rescuers promptly went there by boat to rescue the dog. One of them used a surfboard to reach the poor dog. It wasn’t an easy task, considering the water temperature had dropped to 13 degrees Celsius that day.

But the men pulled through because they really wanted to save the little life. One of the rescuers carefully picked up the dog and carried it to the boat on a board. “It swam right up to me, and I immediately picked it up and held it against me. The dog was cold and exhausted, but also grateful. It was relieved that it wouldn’t have to paddle anymore,” the man said.

The dog was brought to the office, dried and fed, and soon the happy animal was running around the office at full speed! After that, the rescuers began to look for the dog’s owners. It turned out that the dog had loving owners and the poor thing was just lost – and the family was looking for it all this time.

The dog’s name is Tofu, and it was soon reunited with its owners. They were happy to see their pet again. The details of how the dog ended up in the water are still unknown – it may have escaped during a walk and then fallen into the water. But the important thing is that Tofu is now safe and sound and near its family!

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