Pitbull saved the life of a neighbor who was afraid of it

Many people think pit bulls are made for fighting. They are inherently aggressive and dangerous. But the following article proves otherwise.

This cute puppy’s name is Simba. He lives with his owner Arjanit M. in a flat. Although the dog is friendly, many people in the building will find ways to avoid him. Especially the neighbour, an elderly woman living downstairs, who has been particularly cold to Simba. “He would always try to greet her, but she would call him angry and look at him with fear,” said Arjanit. “She never liked him because he was the ‘wrong’ race. However, Simba never took it personally, which he quickly proved.”

A few days ago, Arjanit and Simba were walking home when they passed a neighbour’s flat going up the stairs. At this point the dog started behaving strangely. ” He stopped,” said Arjanit. ” He started barking and running towards the door where the neighbour lives. I pulled the leash, but he refused to move away from the door.” Simba didn’t move so Arjanit went over and got him. Then he noticed a slight noise coming from inside: “I heard a faint voice calling for help,” said Arjanit. “She said, ‘Please don’t go away.”

The door was open, so Arjanit entered, finding her neighbour lying on the floor. “She broke her hip and stayed home for a while,” recalls Arjanit. For two whole days, she was unnoticed. She could not move and her life was in danger.

Simba felt it in time. Arjanit called an ambulance, and he and Simba waited with a neighbor until it arrived. The dog saved her life. She said, “Thank you for hearing me. At first I thought she was talking to me,” recalls Arjanit. “But then she said, “No, not you, but a cute dog. “Simba was recognized as a hero. Other neighbors began to reward him with treats and gifts.

Although Simba certainly deserves them all, Aljanet believes that the act of his dog on that day will change people’s attitude towards other puppies. ” I know that Simba is a wonderful dog,” said Arjanit. “But I hope this event will make people look at pitbull breeds differently. As human beings, we must earn their devotion and love.”

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