Photographer captures unique footage of a monkey rescuing its friend through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

A photographer has recorded exclusive footage of a monkey saving its companion’s life by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Photographer William Steele has been capturing wildlife for many years.
He recently worked in Gaborone National Nature Reserve in Botswana and witnessed a very unusual scene.
A female monkey fell from a tree to the ground and lost consciousness.
She was lying motionless. Suddenly her parent approached her and started doing something very similar to artificial respiration.

William immediately took the camera. He managed to get a series of shots of the monkey squeezing the victim’s chest with his paws.
He then holds her head with his fingers and blows into her mouth.
The photographer said he could not believe what was happening. But after observing the situation, he drew a conclusion.

A monkey tried to save the life of a family member. In monkey society, close social relations are formed. As in any other human collective. Close sociability is achieved mainly by caring for others.
Recently, for example, photographers managed to capture a touching video of a young female gorilla who decided to feed the baby so that the mother could rest.

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