People noticed a couple of dogs at an abandoned house

People noticed these dogs who lived in an abandoned house. It was cold outside, and the dogs had a hard time – but they did everything together.

This cute couple of stray dogs were spotted at an abandoned house in the USA. It was snowing and cold outside, and people were worried about the condition of the dogs. They reported them to the Gateway Pet Guardians Rescue Center, whose employees immediately responded.

When the staff took the couple away, it turned out that the dog was pregnant, and her lover was there all the time and protected her. At first, both were worried about the new situation, but then they quickly got used to it and began to thank the rescuers.

The lovers were given nicknames – Papa Memphis and Norma Jean. Soon they were sent to a place of temporary care, where both learned a simple home life. It was obvious that they had never lived with people before, but they quickly learned. After a couple of weeks, it was time for the dog to give birth.

The volunteers decided to arrange a « pregnant » photo shoot in a cute dress for Norma. When the expectant mother was photographed, the father also decided to join – and sat down right next to her during the photo shoot. The cutest photos turned out!

The very next day after the photo shoot, Norma gave birth to puppies. The kids turned out to be healthy and active, and also – everyone looks like dad! When they grow up, people will find permanent owners for each of them, as well as for their parents.

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