People managed to save an incredibly beautiful dog with a tragic past

The owner brought a dog named Dasia to one of the St. Petersburg shelters, having come up with an excuse that she was moving and the dog was interfering with her. It was just an incredible dog, beautiful, well-mannered, friendly, moreover young, she had not yet turned three years old.

Dasia was a cross between a Labrador retriever, which means an ideal pet for a family with children. A week at the shelter, the dog was very sad and drooping. Her appetite was bad, she was bored sitting in the aviary, and after 15 days she stopped eating altogether.

The veterinarian diagnosed a chronic illness that worsened against the background of emotional distress and he was prescribed a special diet. After Dasya was cured, they decided not to return her to the shelter, but to transfer her for overexposure, but even here the wonderful dog was unlucky several times in a row.

Either there was a cat in the house, with whom they did not get along, then the owners moved and they again began to look for a house for her, at least a temporary one. It turned out to be done and now Dasia lives outside the city, but she cannot stay for a long time either.

And we hope that this wonderful dog will soon finally find a home and loving owners, which it needs so badly.

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