People found a wandering overgrown sheep who was struggling to take every step

The sheep was once domestic, but then its life changed: for five years it was hanging around on its own without proper care.

A formerly domesticated sheep has changed a lot without human care. One day it was discovered by volunteers from an animal shelter in Lansfield, Australia. They caught the poor sheep and since then the animal’s transformation has begun.

The staff named the sheep Baarak. It wandered all alone about 60km outside Melbourne. The animal was so neglected that it could hardly move around. In five years without shearing, the sheep had grown a hair that was causing a lot of discomfort. The wool was dirty, tangled, and weighed 34 kilograms. Such a heavy burden had to be borne by Baarak every day!

The staff cut the sheep’s fur for an hour, getting rid of the excess weight.

Normally sheep shearing takes a couple of minutes, but Baarik had a special situation.

Volunteers had to calm the unfortunate animal, who was weaned on grooming, during the shearing.

Wild sheep are capable of shedding their own wool, but domesticated and selectively bred animals are not used to getting rid of wool on their own. That is why Baarak was in such a condition.

Люди нашли скитающуюся заросшую овцу, которой каждый шаг давался с трудом

The sheep is now returning to normal life, learning to walk again without the heavy burden.

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