People drove past a kitten shivering in the cold on the side of the road

A woman accidentally noticed a kitten on the side of the snow-covered road, lying on a bag, shivering from the cold. As all the cars drove past it, she couldn’t help but stop…

An animal shelter worker named Tiffany from the United States was driving her car when she noticed a kitten on the roadside. It was lying on a bag in the snow, curled up in a ball and shivering from the cold. The woman couldn’t pass by, so she stopped immediately…

She got out of the car, picked up the shivering kitten in her arms and carried it to the car. Although it was gaunt, hungry and still shivering, it purred and was very grateful to the woman for not passing it by like everyone else.

Afterwards, Tiffany took the kitten to the Michigan Humane shelter. The staff determined that apart from being underweight, its health was good. The kitten was given the name Lodge and was determined to be about four months old.

This kitten proved to be very gentle and immensely affectionate. All the staff at the shelter immediately fell in love with this sweet creature! It constantly demanded affection, and always purred loudly when it was petted. It was very grateful to be rescued, and made no secret of it.

Volunteers are now looking for permanent homes for the baby. The shelter has already received several applications, and the staff will choose the right family for Lodge from among them. Be happy, little one!

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