People created a human chain to save a dog

Ben Camphor and Jack Spencer Furmston of the British city of Manchester were walking down the street. The young men saw a girl leaning over the parapet. They thought she was feeding a duck.

It turned out that the girl could not get her dog out of the water. People started coming up to the scene. Ben decided to help get the dog out.

He leaned over to reach the dog while several people held his legs. Ben managed to grab the animal and pull it out of the water. Once on the ground, the dog wagged its tail happily.

“I couldn’t leave the dog in trouble. I have a dog myself, so I couldn’t leave it in that situation. Even though it didn’t work the first time, we got it out,” Ben said. A passerby recorded a video and uploaded it to social networks. Watch how the dog was rescued.

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