Passers-by noticed a skinny dog with frightened eyes in the darkness

The emaciated, weak and hungry dog was wandering along the road in complete darkness when passers-by happened to notice it. When they saw the condition of the animal, they immediately decided to help.

One night the Logan’s Legacy shelter in the US received an urgent call. Passers-by reported a dog they had seen in the middle of the road in complete darkness. The emaciated, shabby and weak dog looked at the people with frightened eyes – they knew they had to help it.

A shelter worker, Suzette, responded to the call for help. When she arrived, it took her some time to find the dog in the darkness – and it was only after a while that she spotted it by its glowing, frightened eyes. The dog was very afraid of everything around it, but quickly trusted the woman.

The dog was later taken to a shelter and given the name Moonie. The staff couldn’t look at the dog’s skinny body without pity – it hadn’t been cared for for a long time. They discovered that Moonie had advanced scabies on its skin and immediately began giving it medication and caring for the poor creature. A little later Suzette took the dog in for temporary care.

The guardian looked after the dog for six weeks – the animal blossomed and recovered. Moonie never stopped thanking its rescuer, and turned out to be a very kind, obedient and sweet girl. Its fur grew back and its guardian had no doubt that a home would be found for it quickly.

And so it happened! One family, who had first taken Moonie in for temporary care, decided to keep it with them forever. They fell in love with it so much that they couldn’t separate. After its big transformation, Moonie is happy with its owners and they love it dearly. Thanks to the kind people for rescuing this beauty!

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