On its human parents’ wedding day, a cute Labrador stole all the guests’ attention

During its human parents’ wedding ceremony, a beautiful and cute Labrador stole all the wedding guests’ attention, and then became world famous thanks to a special photo taken by a photographer.

On its human parents’ wedding day, a cute Labrador stole all the attention from the guests.

At Jackie Conway and Angie Blumberg’s wedding, their gorgeous Labrador called Boone managed to capture the attention not only of guests by striking a rather stunning pose during the ceremony, but also people around the world with a published photo.

At first Boone was Jackie’s dog. He adopted it a year and a half ago. Jackie told The Dodo that they were inseparable friends.

Boone was always there for him, waking up with him at 4:30 in the morning and walking him to work.

Then he met Angie, with whom he had a long-distance relationship for five years, and the dog is still with him.

Boon loved Angie, and every time the pair went out, it was the dog who was with them… they became good friends.

One day Angie said she couldn’t wait to see how much care Jackie was giving Boone, and that was one of the reasons she fell in love. She said she liked the dog, too, and they became friends.

When they thought about their wedding, they were sure that Boone would be a part of it. But they could not have imagined that during their wedding this beautiful dog would become famous.

Boone stood beside Jackie for most of the ceremony. And during the opening prayer, Boone came and stood in front of them and did this unusual pose for which the dog is known.

The dog amused everyone, even the pastor, and so its funny picture was published in the KSDK News newspaper.

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