Mama creates great challenges for her seven playful kitties

Claire lived in South Korea with 10 beautiful cats, ChuChu, Coco, DD, LaLa, LuLu, MoMo, TT, NaNa, ToTo, and DoDo. The cat lover loved to share beautiful moments online with her friends and followers.

Claire recently decided to create a unique challenge only for her seven kittens. She collected pieces of cardboard with duct tape and made a box where little cats could play.

Lulu, Claire’s cat (a hybrid of a Scottish whipped cat and a British shorthair), decided to explore new boxes. He jumped from one container to another with curiosity and pretended to be looking for something.

Soon LaLa, the female Napoleon cat with blue eyes and white fur, joined her sibling LuLu in the field expedition. DD, the male Norwegian Forest Cat with orange and white hair, found himself a separate cardboard box to play with.

Momo, a ginger cat and the oldest cat in sight followed the other cats and decided to jump onto a cardboard box stored separately. Soon Claire began to play with her cats. She played with a cat stick and distracted the kitties.

DD, who was playing alone, decided to get out of the cardboard box. However, the attempt seemed a failure, as the clumsy cat fell along with the box. Claire taught the kittens how to move their heads at the same time. It made them look funny.

The old cat rule was, “If it fits, I sit”. These cute cats prove that theory. Cats jumping into boxes and climbing out of them and playing with their owner show how ready they are to be tested.

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