Mama Bear often brings her cubs into the woman’s garden and then the cubs play with her in the hammock

A mother bear and her two cubs were filmed playing happily in a hammock in the woman’s garden.
When The Dodo contacted the woman, they found out a very cute story.
Bertha, a mama bear, was always spending time with her little cubs. She teaches them the basics and takes them to her favorite place, Amy’s garden.

This went on for some time until the woman noticed the arrival of the bear family.
At first she was surprised, but then she began to get used to the cubs and left some things for the cubs to play with.
When her cubs played with the ball, Mama Bertha stayed behind, keeping her eyes open and keeping them safe. However, Amy decided to find something better for everyone.

Soon the woman bought a hammock and set it up in her garden, waiting for the bears to come back and play in it.
Just as she thought, the bears found a way to use the hammock to their advantage. It was a gift they would treasure.
Her act of kindness has melted thousands of hearts and sparked a wave of responses for its kindness.

«It always warms my heart when people choose to live with nature rather than fight it,» one person wrote.

Another added: «Thank you, Amy! For being a kind and gentle person. You make life better for bears with your love».

Amy loves bears and is glad to have them around. She hopes to see more of their friends in the future.

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