Lonely and hungry dogs huddled together with no hope of help

Surviving the winter is a real challenge for homeless animals. Not everyone copes with it, but there are happy exceptions.

A family of three dogs was found in April. Dirty and hungry, the animals were huddled together. How they survived the harsh winter is a real mystery.

No one cared about them, in a vast world, they could only count on each other.

The homeless trio, a mother and two teenage children, were easy to catch. The dogs were friendly, as if they had lived at home before, and behaved as if they were tame. After neutering, the poodle-like dogs were taken to the Help a Friend shelter.

The shelter staff cleaned and tidied them up, and after a visit to the groomer, they were transformed. Usually young dogs don’t stay at the shelter for long, and so it was with this trio: they all found new owners fairly quickly.

Zoya, the owner of one of the dogs, often gives the shelter staff pictures from home.

Meet a beautiful girl called Michelle.

The dog has been living with Zoya for more than a year now. She spoils her pet not only with stylish haircuts but also with treats and toys. Michelle is a very inquisitive and intelligent dog who loves to walk, watch ducks, and obey commands.

Michelle has also found a common language with a cat who has already lived with Zoya. Isn’t this a wonderful-tailed company?)

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