Kitten with paralysed paws clinging to bars of shelter cage

A baby with paralysed hind legs was spotted in the street all alone. The kitten was dragging its paws behind it, and when people saw this, they immediately decided to help.

This gaunt little kitten was picked up on the streets in Florida, USA. Its legs were paralysed and it was dragging along with it. Kind people noticed this and decided to help it. The St Francis Society determined that the kitten was only 10 weeks old and very weak.

The kitten was given the name Indy and the staff began to look after it sensitively. The next day, the timid cub even climbed up the bars of its cage – it was so frightened, and was afraid to be left alone. Then it was spotted by Michelle, a volunteer with the local rescue organisation – she decided she couldn’t leave Indy alone.

She took the kitten from the shelter into her temporary care on the same day. The guardian knew she had to help this special baby – she gave Indy the right medicine and surrounded it with care and love. Soon the kitten blossomed and stopped being afraid of everything around it, learning to trust the guardian.

Indy will no longer be able to walk on its hind legs, but that hasn’t stopped it – it’s full of energy and curiosity. “It runs around the house with incredible speed and it can climb anywhere with its strong front paws,” says Michelle.

The guardian also introduced Indy to other cats who are in her temporary care, and they all got along well with the baby. One cat even took it under its care, and constantly spends time next to it. And Indy itself is happy to play with older relatives, and learns important feline affairs from them.

Indy is now five months old and continues to grow, enjoying every day and pleasing its guardian. Later on, they will start looking for permanent owners for the special little one. Be happy, Indy!

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