It was crying out in pain and cold

Linda was lying in the snow not far from the shelter. The dog was crying and whimpering, perhaps from the cold, perhaps from pain. We don’t know how Linda ended up at the shelter; maybe it came on its own, or maybe someone left it here.

We assumed that the dog was whining from cold or hunger, perhaps it had been run over by a car and was in pain. After the animal warmed up and ate, we immediately took it to the clinic.

At the doctor’s appointment, Linda was calm; not only did she tolerate all the manipulation, but she even tried to cuddle up to the people around her. At the same time, it was noticeable that something was bothering her.

When the X-ray results came back, the doctors saw a fracture of the humerus. The injury was long-standing and was causing pain, and only surgery could solve the problem. The doctors explained that the only way to stop the constant pain was to completely immobilize the joint during the operation.

The intervention was carried out immediately, as postponement meant more pain for Linda.

The dog spent a few days in the clinic and then went to rehabilitation.

Linda walks without stepping on the injured paw, but this should change with time.

The dog could have been left at the clinic for rehabilitation, but we cannot pay for its stay there.

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