It fell into the pipe and had no idea how to get out. But the puppy kept “calling” for help until she came

It fell down the tube and didn’t know how to get out. But the puppy kept “calling” for help until the one who saved its life came


These drainage pipes, which drain water from the village area, were usually well closed at the top. People were afraid that the child might fail? But how did the little puppy manage to get into one of them? If you fail, then you can’t jump back. On the outskirts of the village, no one is around – the chances of salvation are zero points.

But the puppy screamed, whined, and barked to the last.

And it worked!

A casual passer-by heard strange sounds and decided to look for who was in trouble.

He listened: surely, a dog crying. He looked into the chimney, and there was a puppy, grimy and hungry, soaked through.

He couldn’t leave the baby there.

And he can’t get into the pipe himself.

The man called local animal rights activists, and they quickly drove to the site.

Then he phoned his friends, maybe someone would want to help?

It turned out that the puppy was thrown into the pipe by one of the residents. He didn’t need a dog, but the baby came back every time the owner tried to drive him out. So the man simply solved the question.

It is not known how long the baby was in this pipe, but it looked skinny. The volunteer noticed that the puppy lays down on the muddy ground, which means that it has spent so much time there that it cannot stand on its own.

Together the men were able to move the slab to the side and make their way down to the dog. The puppy was afraid, but still went to the gentle voice, and wagged its tail. And then it agreed to climb into man’s arms.

They decided to bathe the frozen puppy from a thick layer of mud right there, in the river, fortunately, the water in it was warmer than the mud under the ground. After washing, they examined the white fur and smart eyes, wrapped the dog in a towel, and put it in the car. It did not harm, trusted in human hands, and understood: they would not offend. And when they gave him a piece of meat and poured some water, the dog realized that it had gone to heaven.

People hope that the cute baby will find decent caring owners because creatures are not garbage to be thrown away so cruelly!

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